Compare the Pair

Ms WELLS (Lilley) (13:39): In the coming months northsiders from Toombul to McDowall to Brighton will have to make a choice about who they trust to lead Australia out of the pandemic: a complacent and arrogant government who has had eight years to deliver a plan for carbon emissions and to protect our environment but still cannot even agree on the science of climate change, or Labor who will listen to the experts, invest in renewables and deliver net zero by 2050; a government that has presided over falling wages and job insecurity, or Labor who has a plan for workers to lift their wages and to deliver good, decent, secure jobs; a government that undermines Medicare at every opportunity and refuses to properly fund our hospitals, or Labor who will always extend and defend Medicare and invest in Australian's health; a government that sees child care as a luxury that women choose and has overseen skyrocketing fees for families, or Labor who understands that child care is critical family infrastructure and has a plan to reduce out-of-pocket costs for families; a government who is swamped in scandal and rolling in corruption allegations, or Labor who is committed to an effective and busy national anticorruption commission with teeth, who will hold federal politicians and public servants to account. Labor will invest in northside infrastructure projects built by northsiders using materials and equipment manufactured in Australia.